Posca Pens come in a wide array of colors and are fade resistant and water resistant. Some people may think that these pens have a solvent smell. However, these pens are designed to be odor resistant and are safe to use by anyone. Read on to find some creative uses for these types of pens.

1. Use Them For Body Paint

Posca Pens are great if they are used for body paint during water sports. Although they are water resistant, you do not have to worry about them leaving permanent markings on your skin. The ink used in these pens is designed to be removable if applied on the skin.
If you are participating in water sports, you can use Posca Pens to differentiate team members in water polo for instance. The reason for this is that wearing clothes during water sports can have a drag effect. The result is that you may not be able to move as fast as you would like.
Using paint in place of clothes can give you a slight advantage as it eliminated drag. Besides that, there is the fact that wearing any clothing in the hot weather at most beaches can be uncomfortable. The paint allows you to reduce the exhaustion that comes with playing sports in the middle of a hot day.
Posca pens can also be used to create unique messages for something that is dear to you. Normally, you would need to wear a t-shirt. However, that may not be effective since the water distorts the shape of the t-shirt. If you are going to wear a swimming costume that hugs your body tightly, you can write the message on that too. It is a great way to let people know about your course.

2. Use it to Mark Rocks

If you are holding a major water sport in an area, you can use Posca pens to create the display banners for the event on the rocks near the event. It is a great alternative to using actual banners. Firstly, it reduces the amount of plastic waste you generate. Besides that, it is a great way for you to avoid ocean pollution, which is a major problem around the world.
Using Posca pens on rocks is also quite cheap. Besides that, it allows you to be creative in a way that might not be possible if you rely solely on banners. For instance, you can only produce a limited number of banners for any water sports event. However, with Posca pens, you can paint on as many rocks as you would like without in curing a significant cost.

3. Use it to Paint Your Surfboard

Most surfboards look quite similar to each other when you get them from the shop. With a Posca pen, you can come up with unique designs for your surfboard. For instance, you can paint an inspirational message on your board. It will give you the motivation that you require to push on if you are a beginner for instance.
Besides that, you can put unique designs on your surfboard that allow you to spread a certain message. A watersport event will likely have a huge number of attendees. If you would like people to learn about something in a creative way, you can use your Posca pens. Since they come is such a wide array of colors, you have limitless options for being creative.


Posca pens are cheap and effective. Besides that, they are safe for use by children. If you have been wondering how you can use your Posca pen, feel free to use the ideas above. Their unique quality of being water resistant is what sets them apart. Ensure that you use that quality to the maximum extent. Besides that, you should ensure that you use as many color combinations as possible. Besides that, these types of pens come in various tip thicknesses; put that to creative use.